Education is a focus of the Consultagene system. The system provides educational videos and web-based resources that are personally selected by experts to fit your situation and your genetic health concerns.

Client education occurs as part of a pre-specified “Journey” that is customized based on the referral indication. Our educational videos that have been developed specifically for Consultagene by our clinical and genetic counseling faculty. One or more are provisioned into the educational component of the Journey based on the referring indication. For example, a patient referred for a "Genetics Visit" Journey will have access to the following educational videos: “What to Expect at a Genetics Appointment” and “Basics of Genetics”. Other educational videos that have been developed for different referring indications include “Whole Exome Sequencing”, “Somatic Tumor Testing”, and many others. Importantly, the client has continued access to review these videos to maximize uptake of information.